Signs of the Times

Some things we see along our route are worth extra mention.  This page is dedicated to those special attention-getters.


This American Flag is located at mile marker 106.5 on the New York State Northway (Route I87).  The photograph is taken traveling North.
This is a re-creation of a sign we saw (but did not have a chance to photograph) on New York Route 67 just East of Amsterdam, NY.  Obviously, some people do not class Hot Dogs as Food.  Either that, or they feel Hot Dogs are in a class all their own.
Yes, the sign is telling the truth and yes, they certainly feel they have the right of way, no matter how long it takes them to cross.  Photo taken on Shephard Road in Gates, NY.
The road to the left is actually a boat ramp for the Allegany River below the Kinzua Dam.  We thought the sign was extremely informative for those not paying attention.
Dickson, Tennessee turned out to be a real bonanza for signs.  This sign and the next two are all from that city.  I wonder if the Colonel knew he was not serving real chicken?
Dickson RV Park is at the end of a dead end road.  That road also has a motor vehicles department on it where people come to take road tests including tractor trailer road tests.  Apparently over the years they have had multiple persons using the campground to turn around to the point it became a nuisance.  When the first sign (on the left) failed to stop the traffic, the second sogn (on the right was added).  I can honestly say, in the month we stayed here, I did not see a single tractor trailer turning around here.
What's wrong with this picture (note the bottom sign on the right)?  The trains are moving at a moderate speed when they pass through this section of town, but they are moving and cannot stop in any short distance.  We hear four or five trains a day laying on their air horns as they pass by these businesses where there are no barriers between the businesses and Route 46 that the train runs adjacent to.

For the 4-5 light cycles we watched the intesection to get a picture, we had six choices that we could have used.  Having already had one close call on our trip at a different location (the barriers came down just after we went over the tracks and the train came by much too soon thereafter, which I assume meant the barriers waited till we made our slow crossing with the trailer), I have learned to respect these signs and have even gone back to the age old good advice of, "Stop, Look, and Listen."

This was our view waiting in the Post Office parking lot in Red Bay, Mississippi.  There were a number of murals of different sizes on buildings throughout the city.  I do not know their history, but they are quite unique.  Some interesting items to note on this one is the use of Sepia tones for old Red Bay and color for new Red Bay.  Even the boy carrying groceries transitions half sepia to half color.  It is hard to see the detail in this photograph, but the bottom border is designed to appear as a triangular shade which has been rolled up.

Katrina High Water Mark Sign at intersection of Rts 43 and I10 just north of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.  This photo was taken from the start of the I10 East-bound access ramp which is the lower level. (Refer to Map.)
The owner of Bay Hide Away put up this sign to protect an area of lawn that gets soft when it rains.  It does not always stop folks from parking there, which led him to comment that, "They just park there without thinking about it!"  (Think about it!)
This bumper sticker says it all!


Spring Break is apparently profitable enough to warrant a mobile office.

Any Questions?
It seems that the people in Scottsville, NY agree with the people in Amsterdam, NY that Hot Dogs cannot be included under the heading of "Food."
No further comment necessary!
If in advertising, as in real estate, location is everything, what does this location say about this repair company?