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August 2012 - September 2012:


August 2, 2012:                      Something new this year in LeRoy New York is display art called "Barn Quilts." We are not sure if this is something only local or if they got the idea from somewhere else and made it theirs, but it is very interesting. It is similar to the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs, but these are quilt squares. Visit www.leroybarnquilt.org for more information and several more photos.


This block is called "The Black Diamond." It is located on the side of the Crocker Ace Hardware warehouse. If it reminds you of a railroad crossing sign, it's supposed to because it was named for the Lehigh Valley Railroad Black Diamond rail line that used to run right behind the current store location.


August 3, 2012:                      I was at the bank in Henrietta this morning and noticed (hard to miss) the Henrietta Fire Department bucket truck set up over the intersection of Jefferson Road and Hylan Drive flying a large American Flag. I checked with a fireman on the ground and found that the procession bringing the body of Theodore Glende from the Rochester Airport was due to pass by shortly. This was the fire department's way of saluting the Rochester soldier slain in Afganistan. I think it is so appropriate to honor our soldiers, and still regret the horrible way my era soldiers (Viet Nam) were treated when they returned from war.




Police cars led the way while hundreds of motorcycles followed the hearse and family, many of these bearing American flags.


August 10, 2012:                    There are many people who enjoy walking through old houses and mansions, looking at the furniture and the way of life of bygone eras. I prefer observing nature in all its many facets. One of the most precious of these sights is the newborn animals. It used to be that almost all such animals were born in the spring, nature's way of giving them time to grow before winter. Modern farming, however, has made it possible to produce calves all year round. This newborn calls August its birth month.




August 12, 2012:                    We went traveling around the LeRoy area trying to capture pictures of as many of the barn quilts as possible. Here are a couple of more.


Can you figure out where this one was located?




August 17, 2012:                    We got our new awning on Wednesday and immediately had to leave it up for two days because of high wind warnings. This morning I was able to finally set it up.





Later that evening, we went to Cam's in Spencerport for Pizza, one of the dogs' favorite foods and one of the few "people foods" they are allowed to eat other than fruits, vegetables, and cooked meat. Of course, pizza has all of the above plus some carbs in the crust (tomato is a fruit and peppers are a vegetable—they're not allowed to eat onions so we don't order them).


August 26, 2012:                    Julie has taken a big interest in the barn quilts and has looked up several other places that have them. Today we took a ride up to the Hilton area (north of us, close to Lake Ontario) to check out their barn quilts. Most of these had a sign indicating the block's name and a few of them had a second sign with a phone number where one could call and learn more about the blocks. We photographed over 20 of them, but here are just a couple of samples.






September 5, 2012:               We took a ride to Canandaigua today so Julie could see her eye doctor. On the way, we passed a store called the "Outdoor Store." The outdoor decorations were worthy of some photos. We did not go inside.




Mr. Truck


Mr. Tractor


Based on the giant clothes pins, this appears to be a giant clothesline fence, but I'm not sure how the girl on the fence or the moose (?) fit in.


September 8, 2012:               I made one of my "small" chef salads for supper. Julie thought it was worthy of a photo. My problem is, even though there is only one slice of each meat and cheese, one small head of lettuce, one onion, one small can of olives, and one small container of cherry tomatoes, all those ones add up to several meals worth of salad.




September 9, 2012:               This camp site is inundated with chipmunks. Each time the dogs go outside, they must investigate every active chipmunk hole.






September 13, 2012:             In Memoriam

Mildred Elizabeth Wisenburn Elmore

May 11, 1921 - September 13, 2009




September 16, 2012:             It is a sunny day today and we had three hawks circling overhead.




September 19, 2012:             Another nice day, not too hot, not too cold. We took a drive today to our favorite LeRoy apple farm only to find out that they had no apples this year. This year's weird weather really hits home when the farmers who are suffering are people you know. I had previously stopped at another farm stand in the area who did have apples, but they lloked more like "drops" than typical first rate apples. That location purchased the apples they sold rather than having their own orchards. The lady at the stand told me they would probably have each of the varieties this year, but it would be a much shorter season.




The dogs and I used to lie together in my recliner almost every night, and weekends too. The lounge chair isn't near as good, but every now and then we get to lie together and enjoy the outdoors.


September 28, 2012:             Wednesday night (in the dark) Julie made the mistake of not walking out far enough when traversing around the hitch at the front of the trailer. As a result, we spent several hours in the Emergency Room at Brockport Hospital while the doctor sewed up her leg. She has to be very careful what she does to prevent pulling out the stitches as the skin is very thin at that part of her leg. The picture was taken today, approximately 40 hours after the accident. As usual when she is bruised, Julie now has a veritable color pallet on her leg.


The victim! Normally Julie does the stitching, but this time the doctor did, a total of 35 exterior stitches plus a lot of subsurface work.


The assailant! There are still traces of blood on the lock, which appears to have done most of the damage, and which attracts the dogs sniffers each time they go outside.