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March 2012 - April 2012:


March 5, 2012:                       We spent the day in the emergency room at the hospital in Foley. Julie started having severe abdominal pains and, by 7:30 in the morning it was severe enough that we decided to head for the hospital. The day's temperature was supposed to get into the 70's, so around 10:00 I called Bob and he and Lenna were nice enough to drive to Foley and pick up the dogs and take care of them for the rest of the day. They never did find out what was wrong with Julie, but they did rule out most of the major possibilities. The doctor finally said she thought it was just a severe stomach bug and sent us home with pain killers and anti-nausea medicine for Julie plus instructions that she was to come back if the vomiting did not stop within 24 hours.


March 8, 2012:                       Now that the major floor repair project is done and Julie is starting to feel better, the trailer is back to level and life has returned to our more or less normal routine. We are enjoying the spring weather in Alabama. I thought I would share some photos taken around the RV Park indicative of our daily activities.


Now that the trailer is level, we claim the slide-out floor as our personal platform. You humans need to find somewhere else to sit.


The owner of the park raises Bobwhite Quail. He is hoping to turn some loose and replenish the flocks that used to be here when he first bought the land. There are several flocks being raised in a small plastic-covered hut near the woods. Their familiar call is frequently heard and sometimes I try to answer the birds when I am sitting outside. Refer to "Did You Know" for more information on the quail.


The weekend I was working on the floor joists, the owner of the park was planting his spring garden. The tall plants are last yea's collard greens and some red cabbage. Corn is on the right, potatoes on the left, and brussels sprouts and cauliflower in the foreground.


The corn is already coming up.


Spring flowers are everywhere. It sure isn't New York.


There are many trails North and East of the park. We try to take the dogs out to the woods at least once or twice a day. The walk is good for both them and us and the dogs get to run free and explore.


We found this marker for someone's pet. The wood is varnished and embedded in concrete, obviously meant to last.


Some tree stands come equipped with all the comforts of home...note the commode to the right of the tree stand.


I was wandering through the park one day and came across Roger and Marie from Wisconsin. Marie was playing Mountain Dulcimer and Roger was plucking on the wash tub bass.


According to Roger, he's Gut Tub and Marie is Lil' Tub'y. I declined to comment.



March 12, 2012:                     One of the things that is common near the Gulf of Mexico is the morning fog, which can be quite dense, but alos creates beauty of it's own.


These plants are on the lawn of a house near the entrance to the campground. The fog adds another dimension.


These tiny spider webs are probably present every morning, but they only show up on foggy mornings when the webs are highlighted by the moisture from the fog. I know they are made by spiders, Monica, but the webs are still pretty and I never see the spiders.


March 14, 2012:                     Today was a shopping day in Foley, AL. Spring is in full bloom as can be seen in these photos. We went to lunch at Ryan's Buffet. On their web site, it looks like they are somehow connected with Old Country Buffet, but this restaurant so far surpasses the Old Country Buffet in Greece, NY that it would be like trying to associate Delmonico's with McDonald's. They even have a Mandarin Grill, similar to what is in many Chinese buffets, but instead of cooking Chinese food to order, they grill chicken and steaks to order for you. And yes, it is all included in the one buffet price.








JoJo (or Taz for that matter) does not always confine her sleeping to inside the bed.


March 15, 2012:                     Today we went to lunch with Lenna and Bob, who are leaving Monday for Gulf Shores, Florida. We went to a restaurant called Lambert's, which is famous for throwing the dinner rolls to you (www.throwedrolls.com). They also come around to your table and offer a variety of side dishes. We enjoyed he meal and the company, but I felt their uniqueness was more reflected in their prices than the quality of the food.




We stopped at a seafood store on the way back and noticed this bus. It is a mobile bail bondsman bus (there was also a sign for the bail bondsman at that location), The caption reads, " Come to the Beach on Vacation, Leave on Probation." Ahh, the memories of spring break our youth can take home with them.


March 24, 2012:                     The last two weeks have been pretty quiet, although summer is definitely here. We have enjoyed mostly warm weather (upper 80's) although we did have three days of thunderstorms and rain. We received about 1-2 inches of rain, but we were happy we had relocated to Alabama because Waveland and Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi received 10-12 inches of rain in the same time period. Bay Hide Away had to be one giant swamp by the time it ended.


Today we took JoJo to the vet in Spanish Fort. It turned out she had an allergic reaction to the topical flea medicine (our first time using this brand). Of course, then she had to scratch at the "hot spot" and made it worse. The vet gave her a shot of cortisone, which has helped some, but she is still suffering and not herself.


March 27, 2012:                     One of the problems with owning a campground is that there is always ome new problem to deal with. They are having a special dharity concert this coming weekend that they are trying to get ready for. So today, they had a water leak.


What's in the hole?


The water's back on, but for how long? They'll replace the temporary strap and fill in the hole when they know for sure it is going to hold.


March 29, 2012:                     We had to take JoJo back to the vet today. She is actually doing worse and her neck really looks bad. The Cortisone shot did not do its job and we are thinking the original problem stemmed from an allergic reaction to her flea medicine, and the flea medicine is still in her system. We spent most of the afternoon waiting. The appointment, made by phone from the car on our way to Wal-Mart in Foley at 8:30 am, was for 3:00 pm. We tried to kill some time taking the long way there, but we got to Spanish Fort where the vet is at noon, so we had to wait around. I spent most of the afternoon sitting with Taz in the car reading and listening to music while Julie sat inside in the cool air with JoJo so the little gnat's would not be buzzing around her neck. By the time we got done it was 4:30. We went to leave and found I had run the car battery down too low to let it start, so we had to call AAA. We finally left for the campground at 5:30.


JoJo is groggy from the Benadryl, but keeps scratching herself when she is not doped up. We have a new topical cream to use on her as well as using the Benadryl and have to take her back to the Vet’s on Tuesday. Taz also continues to minister to her sister, tpically deciding to lick her neck just after Julie applies the cream. We knew she would tend to do this so we checked with the vet about her safety as well as JoJo's when she gave us the cream. There is no danger to Taz, but we usually wind up having to apply the cream twice, once before and once after Taz works here healing magic.


JoJo in her Ewok Hood, designed to cover the sore on her neck to keep her from scratching. I knew there was a reason I carried those socks for two years, even though I never wear them. She hates it, but mostly leaves it alone inside the trailer. However, as soon as we take her outside, she puts her head down and uses both paws to try to push it up over her head. This dog is too smart.


April 2, 2012:                          I feel so old today. Phillip turned 40! The weather, other than a few thunderstorms, has been beautiful with highs in the 80's for the past few weeks.


Julie decided I needed a tie. This is as close as I have gotten to one in the last two years. Nothing like being outside with 85 degrees, sunshine, and a nap (with no shirt, let alone a tie) to feel retired.


April 3, 2012:                          We took JoJo to the vet again today. Her neck seems to be doing better, but is still not healed. It is instinctive for her to scratch and almost impossible to stop her completely. Therefore, she needs to wear her sock, which she hates, and we need to keep giving her Benadryl that makes her dopey, which she also hates. We sure hope this heals up soon.


April 7, 2012:                          For Christmas last year, Julie bought me a couple of books about whittling on the (correct) theory that I needed another hobby besides my leather working. I recently started working on a few small projects. We'll see how they go, but the first thing I found out was that I do not have any knives especially suited to whittling. I have asked the Master of all Edged Weapons (aka Phillip) to see if he could come up with the perfect knife for me. In the mean time, I am frequently sharpening the knives I have and managing pretty well.


This stick was supposed to turn into a letter opener. After several hours of work, I set it on the table seat along with my knife while I went inside to rest for awhile. I learned a valuable lesson. Natural wood (aka sticks from the woods) tend to crack if left in the sun. Ah well, it gives me a good excuse to start over again.


Julie keeps working on all sorts of stitching projects. Some are related to online courses she is taking, some are challenge projects, some pilot stitching projects to help designers check their instructions, and some just for her own pleasure.



When we come into the trailer, we generally kick off our shoes. Taz has decided part of her "work" is to clean our shoes each night. This actually started out as her taking the inserts out of the shoes each night and chewing on them, but we convinced her that such behavior was inappropriate. Besides, it was costing us too much money for all those inserts. Now we keep the same inserts, but they are clean each morning, which sometimes means they are still damp.


April 11, 2012:                                   We went shopping today getting ready for our trip North. It is hard to believe we are leaving in just six days. The most difficult part will be the weather change. For the last month we have been living with what to us is mid summer weather. Lots of sunshine and most daytime highs in the high 70's to high 80's while night time lows are in the upper 50's to low 60's. When we get back to New York, it will be highs in the 50's and 60's and lows in the 30's and 40's.

The good news is that JoJo's neck is almost completely healed. She was actually able to wear her collar again today for the first time. She is also back to her normal personality and activities.


I also bought a battery charger today that is fully automatic and has both steady state charging capability and jump start capability. Since I wore the battery down at the end of March, we have had to get the truck jump started twice more. I borrowed a charger from a neighbor and have not had any more problems since the battery was fully charged, although the loss of charge over time indicates we will probably need to get a battery this summer. While we have AAA for times of problems, the new charger will allow us to be self sufficient whenever we are hauling or parked near the trailer. The solar power on the trailer gives us the power source we need as long as we have the charger and are within extension cord range of the trailer.


April 16, 2012:                                   The difference between North and South is particularly evident in the significantly earlier growing season in the South. In March, I showed the newly planted garden of the park owner. Now it is mid-April, and the garden resembles a late July garden in New York.




April 17. 2012:                                   [Odometer 257441]    Today we started back to New York. Our plans were to...Oh heck, the original plans do not matter anymore. The fact is, this turned into the kind of trip everyone who hauls or drives an RV dreads and no one should ever have. There is much to tell about the trip and its aftermath, so I have started another page for it which is located at www.tkrtsvcs.com/OddEssay Blog - Murder Hill.html and can be accessed from the main Blog page. That page will cover the end of April 2012.