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May 2011 - July 2011:


May 10, 2011:                        We are settled in at Timberline and working on sorting out the storage area. We are already moving things to Salvation Army and organizing other items to try to sell or give away. We also gave over a pickup truck's worth of hardware and other items to Daryl. He thought he was just picking up a grill, but he got the grill, the small snow thrower, and all sorts of hardware, too.


You can also tell it is spring. When we were at Hover-Davis, there were all sorts of new clutches of goslings. Here at the trailer, we have a robin who is busy building her nest in the crook of the brace underneath the picnic table.


Part of this year's crop.



The start of the nest. Unfortunately, the wind came along and destroyed this effort.


She remained undaunted and, two days later, had her masterpiece nearly complete.


May 11, 2011:                        One of the items we sold was the dog grooming table. The lady who bought it has a brand new puppy from the same breeder as our girls.


May 13, 2011:                        There is now one bright blue egg in the robin's nest.


Ava, are you sure you're a cousin?


Yeah, I guess you are!


May 17, 2011:                        We were a little concerned that we had frightened off the robin because there was only one egg for three days, but she finally got busy laying her one egg per day and there are now four eggs in the nest. Whenever we go outside, we get a brief glimpse of her as she flies away from the nest so we know she is working on hatching her babies. Let's just hope the crows don't see her leaving the nest like happened at Clark Road when the crows then got all the eggs.




May 22, 2011:                        The robin saga continues. She is now sitting on the nest regularly although she does leave frequently when we go outside. Last night, we went outside after dark and she got very disoriented, flying into the trailer and awning and the tarp over the bikes several times before finally finding clear air. However, she later came back and slept on the nest all night, even though Taz frequently got up during the night. We are seeing all this and she is seeing us because the back door of the trailer was open yesterday and last night. This is the door into the bedroom and allows us to see her and vice versa. The photo below was taken out the door yesterday afternoon.



May 30, 2011:                        This morning, we noticed half an egg shell on the ground near the robin's nest. At first we did not see anything in the nest and thought the momma robin had broken an egg when she got flustered last night and flew out of the nest because I was too close. Later today, however, we realized there are two baby ckicks in the nest. They are so young they are not even making any noise yet. We have also located several other robin's nests in the campgrounds.




June 14, 2011:                       We have truly enjoyed watching the baby robins grow up. At first, we were disappointed that only two eggs hatched and wondered if it was because of all the interruptions to the mother incubating them as we went in and out of the trailer. As the babies grew, however, we realized that there was not really enough room in the nest for more than two birds as they grew. Maybe having four eggs was nature's way of making sure at least two hatched. We don't know. We do know that we were very fortunate to have the nest where it was on the brace of the picnic table and the temperatures warm enough to allow us to keep the bedroom door open around the clock. It allowed us to watch them grow until we finally saw them leave the nest. This has been a wonderful experience. Below are a few more photos of their growth. We have been busy sorting out the storage area so this is the first chance I have had to update the blog.


Getting bigger but their eyes are still closed.


"Feed me!" "No, feed me!" Momma and dad both shared in the duties. When not feeding, momma robin still sits on the nest. During hot weather, she regulates the temperature in the nest by raising her body up to allow air to get in.


It's a little hard to see in the picture, but the babies are getting larger and the parents are still feeding them, only now the chicks are pretty much alone during the day except for feeding.


See, we actually look like robins. What, you think we could fit two more of us in this nest?


We test our wings and get ready to fly. Later that day, they reacted to my presence and left the nest. They did not return.


No, these aren't robins, just our own babies. JoJo loves to chase tennis balls and Taz has gotten on board also. Due to sharp canine teeth, the balls only have a limited life span. We got them new balls and let them get used to them. They liked them so much, the balls were taken to bed with them for their nap.


July 13, 2011:             It's been a quiet few weeks with not much going on. Julie is now doing Tai Chi twice a week and I am spending much of my time reading. The heat is bad, but fortunately we are in the shade most of the day. Due to electric cost, we only run the Air Conditioner when it gets over 90 so it is hard to get up the ambition to do much during the day. We did take a couple of interesting photos today on our way to Rochester.


The picture doesn't do justice to how pretty these fields looked in their alternating colors.


When the wagon is no longer able to haul hay, it can always be used as a planter. Yes, the tree is growing in the middle of the wagon.


July 14, 2011:             The Navy's Blue Angels are in town this week for an air show at the Rochester International airport this weekend. Julie was doing laundry in Chili and had a chance to catch them practicing in singles and doubles. She did not see all four flying together but got a number of photos as the singles and duos flew overhead.




July 17, 2011:             Today we took a ride to Lake Ontario. I have lived in the Rochester area since 1970 and have been to Lake Ontario enough that it has become sort of ordinary. However, we have so many pictures of the Gulf of Mexico to the south of the US, we figured it was only proper to get some pictures of Lake Ontario to the north. Now that we have North to South covered, we'll have to work on East to West.


A small section of Lake Ontario shoreline.


One of several boats we saw on the lake. The unusual part was that they were all traveling West to East. We did not see any boats traveling in the other direction.


We stopped at one point to let the dogs out of the car. Julie took this shot as they followed me back to the car.


Of course, when we got back to the car, Taz had to perfume herself. She loves to roll in the grass, but it has to be in a place where she can pick up a good scent. It's so great to feel and smell like a dog, don't you know!


July 18, 2011:             [Odometer 250003]    We made an impressive milestone with the suburban today as we crossed the quarter million mile mark. The suburban is the only vehicle I ever special ordered and that was back in February 1995. Sixteen and a half years later, it's still going strong.




July 21, 2011:             We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave. I realize almost the whole county is exceedingly hot, but I haven't seen temperatures in New York this hot in decades. It was 82 at 7:30 this morning and reached 101 this afternoon.