You are ready to be owned by a Miniature Schnauzer if you can:

Be patient in the face of obstinance (If likely to be frustrated rather than annoyed, you will be lost)
Display the qualities of an alpha dog rather than being bossy. Always be in control, because they are happy to take control if you let them.
Tolerate expressiveness in the form of "talking," sassing, barking, know that this breed always barks excessively when they are nervous or scared. This is not usually a sign of aggression, but your landlord and neighbors may not care! Your quiet puppy will not really bark until about 6 months and will find it's true voice about 8 months.
Meet the needs for several play sessions per day, especially outdoors! Surrogates including kids and other dogs may be used. These are high energy dogs and if you don't help them find acceptable ways to use the energy, you will not be happy! Explore the possibility of flyball, earth dog, or agility competitions to meet the social and physical needs of these agile speed demons.
Communicate commands clearly, concisely, firmly and consistently. These pups are smart! They develop a large vocabulary quickly and don't forget much.
Recognize and respect the need for independence while maintaining safety. Our girls, when free, will not hesitate to chase squirrels, chipmunks, moles, birds, etc. They love to explore their boundaries and attempt to increase them whenever possible. Occasionally we reintroduce the leash to remind them of the importance of listening.
Be strong in the face of defiance such as when the Mini is not interested in daily brushing, weekly ear cleaning/hair removal and tooth brushing or anything else not considered by them to be play or work related. (Note: Play equals work for these dogs.)
Recognize that many kinds of situations that you consider normal are stressful for these dogs. No two dogs have the same stressors or reaction to stress. Potential stressors: strangers in the house or at the door, car rides, the absence of family members, thunder, loud noises, being wet, wind (Jojo had a tree almost fall on her and now shivers and seeks comfort when winds are high.)
Understand that some animals are very sensitive. These dogs have an incredibly high need to please you and are crushed if you are displeased with them in any way. The phrase "bad dog" hurts as much as if they had been beaten. Do not use the phrase freely and give the dog a chance to "make up" as soon as possible. You can never praise these dogs too much. (They will learn the word "bad" no matter how you use it and associate it with displeasure.)

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