Are You Ready to be Owned by a Miniature Schnauzer?

Schnauzers are great therapy, service, and rescue dogs.

Since Minis were bred to be dogs that work and fit in and around the home, you might be thinking, "Great! I'll have a guard dog who will protect my home and kids while still fitting in a city apartment." Not so fast !

Not all Minis are the same. I have two who guard the house whether I feel it is necessary or not. And neither of them particularly love kids. They won't hurt them, but they do not wish to play with kids. They want to play with each other and their toys. They like order and structure to the point that I call Jojo the OCD, obsessive compulsive dog! Jojo is calm and placid in her own neurotic way, while Taz is energetic, demanding, and determined in a loving way. Jojo will bark at the wind and anyone who goes outside without her. Taz thinks "speak" means jump up on Julie's lap and then jump down; she is more likely to growl than speak, except to Jojo. Jojo will warm up to the stranger with a cookie; Taz just eats the cookie and avoids the stranger. They have the same parentage, but are as different from each other as my sisters and I are.


To have the perfect dog for your situation, you must work closely with a breeder who will ask you about your expectations of and for the dog. Bottom line—know why you are getting the dog and be honest about what role the dog will play in your life. Know that bringing a dog home is like bringing a new baby home. Life will never be the same again. Thank goodness!

Sometimes the newer dog becomes the most dominant.


The one in the back left is Opel, the mother of Jojo and Taz.

If you know anyone who has a Mini, ask if you can spend some time with them and get to know their dog(s). If you are not that fortunate, look for Miniature Schnauzer breeders in your area. Tell them you are considering adding a Mini to your family and see if you can spend some time with their dogs to see if their energy level and social skills are comfortable for you.

This will give you not only an opportunity to get to know some Minis, but also to screen some breeders. Any breeder who will not help you to make a good choice is not a breeder you will want to do business with and believe me—there are some gestapo breeders out there! You will find others who are dedicated to improving the standard and ensuring healthy, happy lives for their dogs' progeny. Those are the breeders you want to get to know.

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