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Jeffrey T. Elmore

Julie J. Castle

Ms. JoJo Bugg

aka: The Protector


Ms. Josephine

Taz Z Lassie

aka: The Healer


Opel's Tazmanian Angel





Time goes on and our life changes again. Techwrite Services still exists in my mind, but is no longer active in the technical writing community. Similarly, I have decided to fully retire from all other writing activities as well (unless I get an offer I can't refuse). Therefore, I am removing all commercial enterprises from the web site.

Also, while we are leaving them active on this site, we will not be updating our blogs on a regular basis anymore. We are now in a fairly stable lifestyle in LA (Lower Alabama, not Los Angeles) and there are not a lot of things happening that would really be of interest to others. We will leave the blogs active for our families to re-read as they desire or to refer to the recipe books, but we will only make additions if something truly unique or interesting occurs.

The other reason for the changes, besides Julie and my ever marching ages, are the marching ages of JoJo and Taz. Taz will turn 9 in August and JoJo will be 11 in January. They are both suffering from diabetes and Taz has developed cataracts which have left her almost totally blind. We do not actually know what she can see, but we do know she sees some fringe things because she will react to lights at night. For the most part though, she relies on her nose and ears to guide her. In addition, Taz suffers from heart problems and JoJo has liver problems. We almost lost both of them in September 2014. Since this adventure has been for a foursome, it is just not the same without the two who contributed the most enjoyable moments. So, instead of worrying about blog adventures to write about, we are concentrating on enjoying everyday life as much as possible, spending a lot of restful retirement time, and enjoying the dogs as long as we are fortunate enough to have them with us.


We seriously miss and grieve for our girls.

We said goodbye to Taz on August 24, 2015.

She had complications from diabetes and her resulting blindness.

We said goodbye to JoJo on November 12, 2015.

She had her own health issues, but just

did not want to go on after the death of Taz and stopped eating.

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